Ingrid - Louise Vestre

Born in Bergen, where she currently lives.


Has just finished her competitive career, during which she represented Bergen Kunstløpklubb, as well as Norway, on both her country’s regional, national and international competitions.


Ingrid Louise has steadily placed very good at the sports events she has taken part in, both on a national and broader fields. Among the best results she can name are, for example: winning of competitions in ‚Norgescup’ series -multiple times - as well as winning of the international competition ‚Skate Copenhagen’. She is also Norwegian Champion in category Novice Advanced (2017).


Ingrid Louise has performed in many shows organised by her home club, throughout her skating career. She has been an artist with Nordic Ice theatre from September 2020 to August 2021, before joining Norwegian Armed Forces for ´Førstegangstjeneste´ - initial compulsory military service.