Małgorzata Osypińska

Born in Poland, currently (since 2016) lives in Bergen. Professional figure skater, dancer, choreographer, as well as dance and figure skating pedagogue. Former competitive figure skater at an international level.


Graduated from WSU University in Kielce (Poland) from a Dance program (BA), under ad. dr hab. Zofia Rudnicka and from Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw from a Choreography and Dance Theory program (MA), under dr hab., prof. UMFC Klaudia Carlos-Machej. Throughout the years, she has taken part in many workshops and courses at various valued institutions, such as Kielce Dance Theatre, Silesian Dance Theatre (now Rozbark Theatre), Terpsichore Ballet Studio, Neoclassica Ballet Center, Bergen Dance Center, Bårdar Dance Institute and others. 


She has performed at various theatre scenes, skating and dance shows, events, festivals, commercials, TV shows and motion - capture sessions in Poland, Malta, China, Norway and Sweden. Among the most interesting project she has been part of were: a soloist role in Circus on Ice in Marsa, Malta, where she has also been a talk - show guest in popular ´One Night Stand´ series ; a motion - capture sessions for ´The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt´ video game, for the character Ciri ; a role of a figure skater in an episode of Polish detective TV -series, for TVN station ; commercial - shooting for Polish cable TV company ´Vectra´ ; performing at a ´Glacier Bay´ ice rink opening in Kanton (Guangzhou), China - and many more.


In Bergen in particular, she performed as a dancer at an ´Arctic Hysteria´ exhibition by Amelia Beavis - Harrison, portraying the role of Catherine The Great in the Visningsrommet at USF Verftet, as well as with Vestland Danseteater, in their production ´Stains and Platter´. She has also worked as dancer for singer Camilla North, and a in music video for singer Anne Hvidsten.
As a figure skater, she has performed in Bergen -area in a performance on Skansedammen pond, with violinist Vladimira Scigulinska in 2019, as well as with her company ´Nordic Ice Theatre´ at Slåtthaugen Kunstisbane in 2020 and a video-project for Serbian artist Jovana Solunović - Mitrović. 


As a choreographer, she has created a vast number of competitive skating programs for all the age groups (from Juvenile through Junior to Adult) of skating clubs in Poland, Czech Republic and Norway. She has also choreographed dance performances for students of International Dance Academy in Øygarden (Norway), as well as full -evening performance, shown in Fana Kulturhus in Bergen, in cooperation with pianist Tanja Johanssen, violinist Øystein Salvesen and the students of Øygarden Kulturskule. In 2019 she tried her hand for the first time at composition of stage movement and choreography for an opera, working on  ´At Dawn´ by S.Binicki, directed by Serbian artist J. Solunovć-Mitrović (the piece being Mitrović´s final PhD project). On this occasion, Malgorzata also led movement workshops for opera students of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Nis, Serbia. She has also choreographed or co-choreographed most of the pieces she has taken part in as a performer.  


She had also a successful career as a competitive skater, being a multiple silver and bronze medalist of Polish Championships, placing 4th (2002) at European Criterium International Competition in Czech Republic ; being silver medalist (2003) and winning (2002, 2004) European Criterium International Competition in Poland ; placing 9th at European Friendship Cup in Germany ; 5th at European Friendship Cup in Italy -among other great results throughout her career, from the Juvenile, up to the Junior category. Trained with Elżbieta Czernecka and Stanislav Sciskala (Czech National Representatives´ trainer) as her coaches ; she also had an opportunity to train with Hungarian National Representatives´ coach Gurgen Vardanyan, at a skating camp for Polish Youth Pre - Representation.


As a coach herself, holding Ministry of Sports - approved instructor license, she has been a part of skating clubs in Sosnowiec (Poland), Krakow (Poland), Cieszyn (Poland) and Trinec (Czech Republic), working with the former Czech National Representatives, as well as coach of Czech National Representatives´ - Czeslaw Sciskala. She has taken part in many seminars with internationally acclaimed coaches and former skaters, such as Tomas Verner, Brian Orser, Rafael Arutyunyan, Alexander Vedenin, Victor Kudriavtsev, Tom Zakrajsek, Vladimir Dvojnikov, while being a Team Manager and a Guest on ISU Development Project series, as well as at the camps of the clubs she has been working at. 


Malgorzata is currently a dance pedagogue at Øygarden Kulturskule in Øygarden, Norway and the director, performer and choreographer of Nordic Ice Theatre.

PHOTO CREDIT: Roger Azzopardi